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In addition to the hugely popular Immersive Fire Garden coming to the Discovery Centre Gardens for Festival of the Sky, local organisations Event Show Support and Immingham Sea Cadets will be lighting up the Boating Lake with an incredible installation piece.

As part of their collaboration with Award-winning outdoor arts organisation Walk the Plank, Event Show Support will use LED lighting to transform the lake into a mystical world of fire and light; watch in awe as the light intertwines with the soft glow of fire from the gardens, providing the perfect backdrop to this piece, complete with live on-the-water performance from the Sea Cadets.

This promises to be a unique experience that will give you the chance to get up close and immerse yourself in the glow of a dazzling installation. Journey to the Cleethorpes Discovery Centre Gardens on Friday the 6th of September to take part in this magical night-time spectacle, suitable for all ages.

Light Up is supported by the Immingham Cadets. “At Imminghman we aim to give young people an experience that will help them grow into the person they want to be in a safe and friendly environment. Through various activities and adventures, cadets learn teamwork, respect, loyalty, self-confidence, commitment, self-discipline, honesty and how to be the best version of themselves.”

Friday 6th September
20:00 - 22:30

Where: Cleethorpes Discovery Centre
Fringe Festival
Festival of the Sky is proudly supported by Arts Council England and Coastal Communities Fund.