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The festival welcomes bespoke flags designed by Liz Dees, founder and a director of street theatre and carnival production company Apus Productions Limited (Hull Carnival Arts).

Liz is a successful, established, and innovative artist who, since attending a training course by Wendy Meadley (of Walk the Plank and Manchester Day parade festival flag fame) in 2015, has made flags for festivals such as The Amy Johnson Festival, Hull Freedom Festival, the Big Malarkey children's literature festival and Festival 8 as well as her own outdoor arts productions company​.

Using the reverse applique technique and nylon ripstop fabric in beautiful vibrant colours she creates stunning designs that last for years and add a super wow factor to any outdoor event. The flags once displayed on 6m telescopic carbon fibre poles, then can be attached to street furniture or around a green field setting, or even carried in a parade.

Look out for Liz's bespoke festival flags along the prom, beach and Cleethorpes town throughout the festival weekend! 
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Festival of the Sky is proudly supported by Arts Council England and Coastal Communities Fund.